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Check cipher strength

For IE, click on Help menu and select About Internet Explorer, you will see Cipher Strength on the dialog box. Make sure the length of cipher is 128-bits. If not, upgrade it before using HttpBridge.

You can skip the step if security is not your major concerns.


Click here to login by using id 'guest' and password 'guest'. A guest id allows 10 mahcines concurrently logs in. Each session may last 60 minutes and consume 4MB of bandwidth. The limit for a single content is 2MB.

You'd better to bookmark the Login page, because the same URL will show you address and logout links as well.

Accept SSL Certificate

Before you really see a login page, your browser will prompt you a Security Alert popup window. That is because DEMO SITE is using a self-signed SSL certificate.

Just click Yes to accept it.

Visit any site

After clicked on Login button with user id and password filled out. A address page with a Logout link appears.

Now it's time to let HttpBridge lead you to freedom. By filling out website name you want to visit in the text box, and then click on the Go button. All done, new page is coming.

You will notice some broken links and missed contents like pictures, css, and almost all of plagins including Flash, Sound, Video, Java applets, and more. HttpBridge works on HTML level, with no luck, it does not support plagins.

Any time you want to visit another site, you can simply change the URL in the address box of browser if you know how HttpBridge compose of a URL. Or you can use bookmark set up in previous steps.

Secure and nonsecure items

Sometimes you will see a popup window before a new site's html page show up. The popup window says:
	This page contains both secure and nonsecure items.
	Do you want to diaply the nonsecure items?
Please click NO. This is very important. Due to HttpBridge working on static HTML contents. It can not convert links that are generated by JavaScripts. By choosing NO, you can avoid the risk of that the browser trys to connect to those links directly. It will leave trace info to your ISP and any other servers your requests go through.


A proper logout is very important. It will cleanup all cookies in the memory to protect your privacy. It also help others who are in waiting list to get a chance to login. Click here to logout. Logo
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