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HttpBridge is an OSI certified open source software, it is released under trems of MIT license.

HttpBridge is a web http proxy, also called CGI-proxy. It is implemented by Java Servlets. It allows designated family members, friends, and co-workers who are behind a firewall or in the countries where internet is restricted to access liberal internet.

HttpBridge is designed to run on a server that has the full internet access. User sends designated URL to HttpBridge, and HttpBridge retrieves internet contents on user's behalf, and sends the contents back to user. All URLs and links in the contents returned to user have been translated to point to HttpBridge server. This way, users who are behind firewall can access all internet resources freely.

All communication between user and HttpBridge is encrypted by HTTPS to ensure the maximum security and protection to users. In some countries, people could be put in jail just because they viewing information the government forbids them to know.

HttpBridge is a very light weight server side software which consists of couple of Java servlets. Java has been chosen to implememt HttpBridge due to its platform independence and wide acceptance by web hosting business.

HttpBridge can be installed either on your home machine or hosted by web hosting service providers (see demo site). Each instance of HttpBridge is supposed to be used by a small group trusted people like family and friends, and all traffic is encrypted by HTTPS to prevent being viewed by ISPs and other 3rd parties.

HttpBridge does not work with many web email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Most of web email services use very complicated processes and scripts to verify various information including cookies on the local machine. HttpBridge does not store any cookies from visited web sites on the local machine. This is to protect user from known on the internet.

Install HttpBridge on your home server

If you have a high speed internet connection and full internet access, you can install a HttpBridge on your home machine. You can use it yourself from behind any firewall you have to be there during certain period. Or you can setup accounts for your family, relatives, and/or friends to let them access liberal internet via your HttpBridge.

Install HttpBridge using web hosting service

In case of you do not want to hold a server at home for any reason, or even if yourself are in some places where internet is restricted, you might consider web hosting services. To find a provider, choose a package, send them HttpBridge to ask a setup, or you can do it yourself. That is it, you are on the way.


26-Oct-2003: HttpBridge does work with a lot of free web email services.

I recently found that is a good one. I can read and manage emails via HttpBridge, but with problems on writing email. I will work on this to make HttpBridge to support some friendly free web email services.

23-Aug-2003: Version 0.9 has been released.

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